Architecture School

Architecture School follows a group of students at Tulane University's prestigious School of Architecture as they submit competing designs for an affordable home in Katrina-battered New Orleans.

S1, E1

The Big Idea

Meet the Tulane University architecture students who will submit designs for a low-income family home which they will build during the school year.

S1, E2

And the Winner Is ...

The students refine their schemes and create an impressive array of drawings, physical models and computer images to illustrate their designs.

S1, E3

Diggin' a Hole

Construction begins. Two new students, Ian and Alex, join the team, adding to the colorful and competitive cross-section of young builders.

S1, E4

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras debauchery infuses the city for the entire month of February. Crime continues to complicate efforts to sell last year's house.

S1, E5

Boys Against Girls

The S.I.P.s [Structurally Insulated Panels] arrive, and the construction can now forge ahead at high speed.

S1, E6

"S" Is for Sale

A pep talk from the project manager gives the students a bit of a lift. The next stage of construction begins.