ABOUT Set in the near future, a species from ancient mythology must live amongst humans and battle for survival in a world that wants to silence, exploit and destroy them.

In the very near future, creatures from ancient mythology have suddenly emerged and must coexist with humans. Known as "Hairypeople" for the matted hair covering their bodies, they have extraordinary strength, speed and longevity but are cast as social misfits and seek refuge in The Zone: a fragile community that finds strength in the brotherhood between Hairy and human. When a series of violent, unexplained murders terrifies the city, blame for the bloodshed is pointed firmly in the direction of the Hairies. Raids mandated by the Containment Authority – a government-funded body established to capture runaway Hairypeople – threaten the already tenuous peace within The Zone. But other mythical creatures exist in this world – terrifying creatures like the Namorrodor that can rip a person’s heart out. There is one chosen being – the Cleverman – who has the power to bring these two worlds back together and sees exactly what evil truly lies behind the attacks. Following the mysterious death of his uncle, Koen West – a young man in denial of his culture and estranged from his family who is far from the model hero that the Hairies and people of The Zone so desperately need – becomes the new Cleverman. Koen’s half-brother, Waruu, is his antithesis. A man of culture and spirituality, Waruu battles tirelessly against the oppressive Containment Authority and his own demons. Believing himself to be the protector of his people and the natural heir to the Cleverman powers, the realization that his heedless younger brother has been chosen threatens to destroy him. In a world ruled by fear, hate and greed, can civilization – and the power of the Cleverman – restore balance against known and unknown threats that stand to terrorize every species on Earth?