Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter

The talent behind this year's most talked about films and TV series open up about their challenges & triumphs.

S1, E1

Drama Actresses

TV drama actresses discuss their careers.

S1, E2

Drama Actors

TV drama actors discuss their careers.

S1, E3

Comedy Actresses

Watch six of the most influential comedic actresses on TV - Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Gina Rodriguez, Kate McKinnon, Tracee Ellis Ross and Ellie Kemper - as they discuss the triumphs and tribulations of being a lead woman in the world of comedy.

S1, E4

Comedy Actors

A discussion with TV comedy actors.

S1, E5

Drama Showrunners

A discussion with TV drama producers.

S1, E6

Comedy Showrunners

A discussion with TV comedy showrunners.

S1, E7


A discussion with reality masterminds.

S1, E8


Producers discuss the art of filmmaking .

S1, E9


Screenwriters discuss their process.

S1, E10


A talk with this year’s film directors.

S1, E11


A conversation with top film actresses.

S1, E12


Top film actors discuss their roles.

S1, E13


Six outspoken top documentary filmmakers debate what truth is and their answers aren't what you might expect.

S1, E14


The Hollywood Reporter's executive editor of features Stephen Galloway and contributing editor Carolyn Giardina lead a roundtable discussion with some of the cinematographers responsible for the year's most visually striking films.