Harmon "Harm" Rabb Jr. is a former pilot turned lawyer working for the military's JAG (Judge Advocate General) division, the elite legal wing of officers that prosecutes and defends those accused of military-related crimes. He works closely with Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie, and together they do what needs to be done to find the truth.

S3, E10

People v. Rabb

Harm becomes the pawn of a CIA agent hoping to catch the killer of a Russian spy known for dealing in stolen secrets.

S3, E11


Harm and Mac defend an ensign who claims she felt threatened by another officer and that killing him was simply self-defense.

S3, E12

Someone to Watch Over Annie

The widow of Harm's best friend asks him for help after her son claims he witnessed a kidnapping and possible murder.

S3, E13

With Intent to Die

Admiral Chegwidden, with the help of Harm and Mac, investigates the apparent suicide of his mentor while on a hunting trip.

S3, E14

Father's Day

Harm, Mac and Bud represent a corporal who kidnaps his 1-year-old son when faced with the possibility of losing a custody battle.