Harmon "Harm" Rabb Jr. is a former pilot turned lawyer working for the military's JAG (Judge Advocate General) division, the elite legal wing of officers that prosecutes and defends those accused of military-related crimes. He works closely with Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie, and together they do what needs to be done to find the truth.

S4, E6

Act of Terror

Harm goes head to head with Mac in the courtroom while defending a Marine guard for shooting a terrorist prisoner.

S4, E7

Angels 30

A pilot submits his resignation after claiming to have heard a voice that told him not to fire on an Iraqi fighter.

S4, E8

Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington

Harm is assigned to a congressional committee investigating a TV reporter's story that accuses U.S. forces of using chemical weapons in the Gulf War.

S4, E9

People V. Mac

Harm (David James Elliott) defends a secretive Mac (Catherine Bell) when she is put on trial for a despicable crime.

S4, E10

The Black Jet

Harm and Mac are sent on a covert mission to Iran to recover a downed pilot and his $80 million jet without letting the Iranians know.