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Ministry of Evil: The Twisted Cult of Tony Alamo

In the 1960s, Tony and Susan Alamo recruited members to join their ministry promising personal salvation, but the organization soon began to face allegations of abuse and cult-behavior. Former members give insight into this group which still exists.

S1, E1

Episode 1

In the 1960s, preachers Tony and Susan Alamo, recruit nomads to join their ministry. Former members give insight into the cult's origins.

S1, E2

Episode 2

Tony and Susan Alamo's grip on power is challenged as Susan becomes ill and law enforcement investigates allegations of labor violations and abuse.

S1, E3

Episode 3

While on the run, Alamo orders those who remain loyal to him to leave the compound and take his wife's body with them while he tries to evade arrest.

S1, E4

Episode 4

Out of prison, Tony Alamo begins to make young girls his "wives." As the child abuse escalates, some ex-members urge the FBI to intervene.