Sanford and Son

The classic, beloved sitcom following the misadventures of a cantankerous widower and his frustrated son who run a junkyard in Los Angeles.

S1, E1

Crossed Swords

Lamont discovers that the porcelain figure he has bought is worth a great deal of money.

S1, E2

Happy Birthday, Pop

Lamont takes Fred out for a night on the town for his 65th birthday.

S1, E3

Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride

Much to Fred's delight, Lamont's bride-to-be decides not to marry him.

S1, E4

The Copper Caper

Lamont buys some copper on speculation, only to discover the goods are stolen.

S1, E5

A Matter of Life and Breath

When Lamont and Fred take advantage of a Breathmobile, Fred is convinced that he has TB.