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The Atomic Submarine

SundanceTV Presents: Ships mysteriously disappear on route across the Arctic Sea, and a specially-equipped submarine is sent to investigate.

Building a Bridge

SundanceTV Presents: Named after the book by Father James Martin, Building a Bridge follows a priest on his journey to make the Catholic Church more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, despite loud opposition.

Carnival of Souls

SundanceTV Presents: After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival.

The Crawling Eye

SundanceTV Presents: A series of decapitations on a Swiss mountainside appear to be connected to a mysterious radioactive cloud.

Creation of the Humanoids

SundanceTV Presents: In a post holocaust society, robots take it on their own to help the dying human race by giving them android bodies.

Fiend Without a Face

SundanceTV Presents: Invisible atomic monsters attack a U.S. Armed Forces base and the local residents.

A Fistful of Dollars

A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other in a town torn apart by greed, pride, and revenge.

The Flesh Eaters

SundanceTV Presents: A group of young adults trapped on a desert island find the water inhabited by a violent form of flesh-eating organisms.

For a Few Dollars More

Two bounty hunters with the same intentions join forces to track down a Western outlaw.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Set during the Civil War, three disparate drifters search for a Confederate cash box containing $200,000 hidden in a distant cemetery in an unmarked grave.

Hang 'em High

After an innocent man survives a lynching, he returns as a lawman. He sets his mission to bring the vigilantes to justice.


To rescue his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and battle an old enemy... and rediscover the child in himself.

How to Make a Monster

SundanceTV Presents: When a master monster make-up artist is sacked by the new bosses of American International studios, he uses his creations to exact revenge.

Invasion of the Neptune Men

SundanceTV Presents: Clumsy invaders from Neptune are thwarted by hero Space Chief and a nondescript group of microshort-wearing Japanese kids.


An unusual board game unleashes seemingly unstoppable forces into the lives of a makeshift family.

The Karate Kid (1984)

SundanceTV Presents: A teenager learns about life, friendship and courage under the guidance of a martial arts master.

The Karate Kid Part II

SundanceTV Presents: A martial arts master and his student must fight for their lives and that of his village when a pilgrimage home turns into a pitched battle.

The Karate Kid Part III

SundanceTV Presents: A young karate student questions his teacher and his whole philosophy when old enemies bait him into an ill-advised fight.

Kiss Her Goodbye

SundanceTV Presents: A man on the run with his beautiful, childlike sister finds love in a small Florida town.


Sarah, a teen, summons the goblins from her favorite book, the Labyrinth, to steal her brother Toby. When they actually do, she must solve the Labyrinth in 13 hours or Toby becomes a goblin.

The Lesbian Bar Project

SundanceTV Presents: Co-Directors Erica Rose and Elina Street established The Lesbian Bar Project at the start of COVID-19 to celebrate and amplify the remaining Lesbian Bars that exist in the United States.

License To Drive

Despite the fact that he failed his driver's test, a teenager "borrows" his grandfather's mint-condition Cadillac for a late night dream date. Of course, calamity and hilarity ensue.

The Longest Yard (1974)

A former, professional quarterback turned convict is asked to help a semiprofessional team of guards win a championship game, in exchange for early parole.

Machine Gun Kelly

SundanceTV Presents: The criminal exploits of Public Enemy number 1, George 'Machine-Gun' Kelly, during the 1930s.

The Magnificent Seven (1960)

Seven gunfighters are hired by Mexican peasants to liberate their village from oppressive bandits.

One of Ours

Josiah Wilson is a Haitian, Heiltsuk French Canadian who just wants to play basketball but ends up at a human rights tribunal instead.

Our American Family

SundanceTV Presents: OUR AMERICAN FAMILY provides an honest, unfiltered look at a close-knit Philadelphia family dealing with generational substance abuse.


After suffering a huge setback in a poker game, Mike McDermott promises to lay down his cards for good, but when his buddy gets in over his head, Mike's loyalty draws him back to the tables.