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In Los Angeles, best friends Kate and Michael, who are deaf, have been trying to find that perfect balance that eludes every twentysomething. In work, life, and love, Kate and Michael have experienced both joys and struggles. Kate has been toiling away at a public relations firm, too meek to ask for a promotion, and too scared to leave. Michael experienced a brief burst of fame when his first graphic novel garnered critical acclaim, but not much else. With the deadline for his next book looming, Michael finds himself creatively blocked. Suddenly, everything changes for the both of them when Michael breaks off his engagement to the suave and dangerously charming Ryan, leaving Kate worried for him. The breakup brings out an ugly side to Michael, who learns to lean on alcohol and drugs. As Kate tries to be there for her heartbroken best friend, she is thrown when her longtime boyfriend Danny suddenly proposes to her. Danny's got problems of his own, and to hide them from Kate, he figures showering her with gifts will keep her off his trail. With so many dynamics shifting in their friendship, and their lives, Kate and Michael find themselves drifting apart from each other. Can they find their way back to each other while figuring out what they want from their respective partners, as well as their next steps in their professional lives? Will their friendship survive?

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