Binge Series

True Crime Story: Smugshot

A docu-series that spotlights entitled individuals involved in elaborate criminal behavior. At times quirky and funny, at others outrageous or disturbing, these are the stories of people who thought they could, or should, get away with it.

S1, E2

A Special Investigation

One woman's prestigious pedigree and dedication to social justice almost garner her a top-ranking political appointment, until her actions reveal a corruption scandal that goes deeper than you'd ever expect.

S1, E3

Fishing for the Truth

After an astounding winning streak made these Lake Erie partners the best fishermen at the year's top Walleye tournament, an unbelievable catch turns out to be just as implausible as it looks, shocking people world-wide.

S1, E4


A wealthy Texas teen has a deadly drunk driving accident. His lawyers claim he suffers from affluenza, and it works. No jail time. Then, caught violating his probation, he flees to Mexico. But there is more to this story than just the headlines.

S1, E5

Dickweed: Part 1

Two people got kidnapped. One man lost his dick. No-one got any money. The twisted tale of an Orange County crime that set off an international manhunt and a Houdini-style jailbreak. And one detective will stop at nothing to get justice.

S1, E6

Dickweed: Part 2

The suspect slips through law enforcement's fingers, but the detective finds the perfect partner to help with the case, the fugitive's wife. Together they'll set a trap that even this criminal can't escape. Until he does.