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True Crime Story: Indefensible

This franchise is made up of series that tell a wide variety of true crime stories from unique perspectives. Each will shine a new light on crime and the genre, focusing on fresh and unexpected stories from unlikely, and much-needed voices.

S1, E1

How Men Get Off

On trial for his wife's murder, a man invokes a temporary insanity defense.

S1, E2

The Consent Offense

A case of apparent murder by strangulation takes a shocking turn at trial.

S1, E3

A Few Bad Men

When a man with a violent criminal history is paroled, tragedy quickly ensues.

S1, E4

The Panic Defense

A chance meeting of strangers leaves one of them dead, and police struggle to answer why.

S1, E5

The Perfect Victim

One woman escapes a serial killer, and the friends of another victim set a trap to catch him.

S1, E6

Helen & Olga

Two elderly women get away with murder, but when they try it again, things don't go as planned.