True Crime Story

A murderer on death row is left in limbo due to California's broken system.

S1, E1

It Couldn't Happen Here: Adel, Georgia

A man is charged with a brutal murder, will DNA evidence point to another man as the real killer?

S1, E2

It Couldn't Happen Here: Sauquoit, New York

A local chiropractor is poisoned by someone she knows in a case that divides the whole town.

S1, E3

It Couldn't Happen Here: St. Augustine, Florida

A young woman is shot to death with her police officer boyfriend's gun. Was it murder or suicide?

S1, E4

It Couldn't Happen Here: Cookeville, Tennessee

In Cookeville, Tennessee a couple is executed in their sleep - but do police catch the wrong man?

S1, E5

It Couldn't Happen Here: Shelbyville, Kentucky

An unlikely murder suspect is convicted of killing a man in rural Shelbyville, Kentucky.

S1, E6

It Couldn't Happen Here: Rockville / Ellington, Connecticut

A club worker in Connecticut goes missing. A wealthy local businessman is suspected.

S1, E7

Indefensible: How Men Get Off

On trial for his wife's murder, a man invokes a temporary insanity defense.

S1, E8

Indefensible: The Consent Offense

A case of apparent murder by strangulation takes a shocking turn at trial.

S1, E9

Indefensible: A Few Bad Men

When a man with a violent criminal history is paroled, tragedy quickly ensues.

S1, E10

Indefensible: The Panic Defense

A chance meeting of strangers leaves one of them dead, and police struggle to answer why.

S1, E11

Indefensible: The Perfect Victim

One woman escapes a serial killer, and the friends of another victim set a trap to catch him.

S1, E12

Indefensible: Helen & Olga

Two elderly women get away with murder, but when they try it again, things don't go as planned.

S1, E13

It Couldn't Happen Here: Dallas, Georgia

The investigation into a young mother's death divides a small town: was it murder or suicide?

S1, E14

It Couldn't Happen Here: Pocomoke City, MD

A woman is found shot in her bathroom and officials launch a death investigation to determine if it was suicide - as her husband claimed - or murder. Years later, the case remains open, and the town still has questions.

S1, E15

It Couldn't Happen Here: Angier, North Carolina

In this True Crime Story, a man claims he shot his daughter's estranged husband, Chirstian Griggs, in self-defense. But after investigators close the case, Christian's family discovers evidence that the killing was not justified.

S1, E16

It Couldn't Happen Here: Laeger, West Virginia

Laeger, WV. After a deadly fire, a man is imprisoned for murder. New evidence reveals the truth.

S1, E17

It Couldn't Happen Here: Atwater, Ohio

Atwater, OH. Did an aggressive cold case investigation send an innocent man to death row?

S1, E18

It Couldn't Happen Here: Turlock, California

Turlock, CA. An attorney known for uncovering corruption is accused of masterminding a murder plot.

S1, E19

It Couldn't Happen Here: Royse City, Texas

A couple is brutally murdered in rural Texas - but did prejudice affect the investigation?

S1, E20

It Couldn't Happen Here: Edgewater, Florida

A brazen daytime murder in Edgewater, Florida generates surprising unanswered questions.

S1, E21

Indefensible: Junk Science

A debunked form of forensic science helps put a Florida man behind bars for life.

S1, E22

Indefensible: The Casey Anthony Episode

A famous case with a controversial verdict poses questions about legal strategy and media coverage.

S1, E23

Indefensible: Stand Her Ground

A debunked form of forensic science helps put a Florida man behind bars for life.

S1, E24

Indefensible: Elephant in the Womb

A pregnant woman from Wisconsin is held against her will on the basis of a terrifying law.

S1, E25

Indefensible: Concrete Ceiling

A woman protects herself and is criminalized for doing so. How common is a story like hers?

S1, E26

Indefensible: Bye bye Wozniak

A murderer on death row is left in limbo due to California's broken system.