Binge Series

True Crime Story: Citizen Detective

Gripping stories of everyday citizens solving murders. Each episode unpacks the details of the case and explores the perplexing psyches of those who simply need to know what happened and why?

S1, E2

Rebekah Heath

It was a mystery that plagued law enforcement for over 20 years: four unidentified bodies found inside barrels in the woods. One woman searching for answers from her own troubled past sets herself on a journey to give the victims back their names.

S1, E3

Deb & Judy

A young man leaves home for the corner store but dies on a rainy sidewalk just down the street. Bystanders claim that he fell off his bike, but his mom and sister don't buy it. They hit the streets to find answers.

S1, E4

John Allore

When a college student was found dead in rural Quebec, police refused to call it a murder. But years later, her brother continues his own investigation into her death. On the eve of a trip to return to the scene of the crime, tragedy strikes again.

S1, E5

Lisa Coppel

A young girl's life was thrown into chaos when her single mother died by a gunshot wound in their remote mountain home. The journey for the truth would be long and arduous, and it would be 30 years until justice was finally served.

S1, E6

Josh Hallmark

A young man whose childhood was marked by tragedy learns of a relatively unknown serial killer and finds himself thinking about unidentified victims. It isn't long before that pursuit becomes a full-time job... and identifying victims an obsession.