Stephen is preparing to take over the family business following the death of his dad, but the unexpected arrival of charismatic foster-brother Andrew starts to change everything.

About the Show

Stephen's (David Mitchell) father Laurie, a local legend and pub owner, has died and Stephen is set to - finally - take over the family business. His mother, Ellen, and sister, Cass, have no interest in the pub. With his dad dead, it's now Stephen's chance to shine. His only achievements so far have been marriage (followed by divorce), a failed stint as a lawyer in London and a slightly disappointing pub refurb. But when the charming Andrew (Robert Webb) turns up out of the blue at Laurie's funeral, Stephen's plans go awry. Charismatic Andrew has lived in Sydney, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Berlin and Limoges but crucially, spent five formative months fostered by Laurie and Ellen as a 12-year-old. To Stephen, Andrew was just one of a string of 30-odd foster kids who he spent his childhood resenting. But Andrew remembers every single detail and sees that time as the most important of his life. Now Andrew's back, and anxious to revisit the closest thing he's ever had to a family. Ellen loves Andrew. Cass loves Andrew. Even Laurie's erratic brother Geoff loves Andrew...But Stephen doesn't love Andrew. He thinks he's a superficial, dangerous sociopath who's about to steal his family, his business and his life.