Inspired by the TV series & film, S.W.A.T. follows Hondo, a Marine-turned-sergeant, navigating loyalty, duty, and danger in LA.

S1, E6


Hondo allows newbie Jim Street to go under cover to bust a ruthless trafficker; Hondo visits the teenager recently shot by a former member of the SWAT team.

S1, E7


Hondo's imprisoned childhood friend asks him to protect his son from gang violence; the team encounters a new local crime outfit; Luca struggles with his grief and a painful family secret.

S1, E8


The team must work during Christmas vacation when a drug cartel's cache of gold bars is stolen; Jessica approaches the president of the police commission with her ideas on how to improve the S.W.A.T. division.

S1, E9


When a misconduct complaint filed against Hondo gets him taken off active duty, Deacon steps up to lead the team in finding a robbery crew that is hitting marijuana dispensaries.

S1, E10


The SWAT team tries to rescue civilian hostages during a prison riot; Hondo suspects an ulterior motive behind the uprising.